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Announcing Our New Partner - TeachRwanda

Posted by Rev. Debora Jackson, DMin on Jul 16, 2020 4:46:04 PM

All Girls Allowed is proud to announce a new partnership with TeachRwanda, U.S.-based Rwandan INGO in the Shogwe Sector, Muhanga District, Southern Province, Rwanda

Founder Jan Brown had a vision. A retired educator from the midwestern United States, Jan saw the potential to transform early childhood education in Rwanda by building teacher capacity. Specifically, she saw the opportunity to provide teachers with modern pedagogical practices that would help students realize engaging and meaningful learning experiences. These proven methods are embedded in the TeachRwanda program, which yields exemplary schools by offering pre-service, in-service and continuing teacher education for administration and educators, provides international best practices in early childhood/primary education to schools, and tracks the effectiveness of educational approaches through data collection and evaluation. 

The partnership between All Girls Allowed and TeachRwanda features two dimensions. First, given the success of the Bright School, TeachRwanda's Exemplary model school, there is tremendous demand for expansion. With a focus on building schools, All Girls Allowed is excited to be a part of the construction effort that will bring a new school facility to fruition. The second aspect of our partnership is made possible because the Bright School is 30 minutes from the All Girls Allowed sponsored school, Girls Dignity for the Nation. Thus, the modern methods and best practices utilized by TeachRwanda will be made available to Girls Dignity, which is located in the Runda Sector, Kamonyi District. Together this partnership will deepen our impact as we have the opportunity to educate hundreds of children in Southern Rwanda . 

As All Girls Allowed continues our work to restore life, value, and dignity to women and girls in part by building schools in underserved areas, we are proud of this new partnership. We welcome you to join us in our work by supporting the Bright School through All Girls Allowed. Click here to donate now. Through our partnership, All Girls Allowed will help Teach Rwanda and truly, the future will be Bright!


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