AGA Grants
Our 2023 grant application is open between July 17, 2023 and August 18, 2023.

Please review Giving Policy information below before applying.

Helping You Help Others

In addition to our own programs and projects, All Girls Allowed has helped thousands of girls and women through partnerships with and aid to other organizations. This section discusses our grant program through which requests are made and funds are awarded. 

Are we a good match for your program or project?  

Please review our Giving Policy and parameters below to determine if your mission/interests align with ours!  


Giving Policy

Our Mission

All Girls Allowed exists to restore LIFE, VALUE, and DIGNITY to girls and women everywhere, especially those most vulnerable. Following our motto, In Jesus’ name, simply love her, we actively love girls and women well and exhort and encourage others to do the same.

Our Strategy

We achieve our mission through the execution and support of programs that Expose, Empower, and Celebrate girls and women everywhere.

EXPOSE: Raise awareness of the causes and realities of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and their harmful effects on the individuals involved and our society at large. Help the general public learn how they can stop the violence, protect girls and women, and minister to and celebrate survivors. 

RESCUE & RESOURCE: Rescue those unable to escape exploitation on their own. Provide physical, mental, emotional, financial, legal and/or spiritual support to girls and women in vulnerable situations to create immediate safety and hope for the future. Equip them with resources to restore their God-given identity, wellness, and purpose and to build the skills needed for healthy relationships - with God, within themselves, and with others.

CELEBRATE: Affirm and celebrate the unique God-given beauty, value, creativity and purpose of each girl and woman; empower girls and women to thrive as individuals, in marriage and family, and in relationships with God and others; cheer and spur women on to become the masterpieces God created each one to be.


2023 Award Schedule 

Currently, AGA awards grants once per year, in the fall. 

Early access to current partners - July 10

Public application process open - July 17 - August 18

Follow up Information Requests - by September 11

Award Decisions - in October

Notification & Agreement Completion - in October

Grant Information & Parameters


Unless otherwise stated in our award and agreement contract, each gift is a one-time grant for the identified donation year. AGA will consider multi-year commitments, however these will be explicitly identified as such, along with a fixed disbursement schedule.

AGA will consider funding up to 50% of a specific project. (Our average grant shall be between 30-50% of the project total.) The receiving organization will demonstrate how the remaining % of the total project will be funded.

Recipients will be asked to share their plans for long-term sustainability.

Project Eligibility

AGA grants will be awarded to projects or programs that fall within one or more of our three strategy areas:

(1) programs that EXPOSE the issues surrounding sex trafficking and/or sexual exploitation. Examples include education, articles, campaigns, documentaries, social media, etc.

(2) programs that EMPOWER girls and women to avoid or escape exploitative situations and restore them to the life, value, and dignity God intended for them. Examples include physical rescue, food, shelter, medical attention, academic and career training, purpose and job coaching, therapy/counseling services, spiritual guidance and support, etc.

(3) programs that CELEBRATE girls and women and help them become thriving masterpieces God created them to be. Examples include life skills training, Joyful Life Programs, events for inspiration/celebration/fellowship, workshops and teachings to increase love, respect, and harmony in man/woman relationships, opportunities for networking, service, and community building, etc.

Note: We reserve the right to seed or contribute to new projects in a manner that is an exception to our standard giving policies.

Organization/Entity Eligibility

AGA will award grants to organizations/entities that meet the following criteria:

  • The entity is a non-profit or charitable organization. US-based organizations will need to show proof of 501-c3, Guidestar standing, or other reputable listing. International organizations will need to provide local documentation recognizing their charitable work.  NOTE:  In special cases, AGA will consider a grant to an individual based on the nature of the project and it's impact on the fulfillment of AGA's mission.

  • The entity’s practices and financial operation are good, honest, and above reproach. The organization is not subject to U.S. or U.N. sanctions. The organization is not listed on any countries terrorist, trade control, or fraud lists.

  • The entity will sign a commitment agreeing not to use any of the grant money for: money laundering, terrorism, organized crime, or any other corrupt purpose.

  • The organization provides services with an approach that strives for diversity, inclusion, and reasonable equity.

  • The organization honors God in their practices and service to others.

Process and Awarding  

The AGA leadership team will prayerfully consider each request with the following in mind:

  • Alignment with our mission and strategies
  • Feasibility of success
  • Long-term sustainability of the work/ministry

Organizations may be asked to provide additional supporting documentation, such as project/program timelines, feasibility information, and the plan for long-term sustainability and self-sustainability of the program, especially once the grant period has ended.

Award notifications will be accompanied by an agreement contract specifying the conditions of the grant. AGA and grant recipients will establish an Investment Evaluation Plan that identifies milestones, metrics, and/or other indicators to measure the impact and success of AGA's investment.  Recipients will provide a results report to All Girls Allowed before or upon conclusion of the grant period.