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The Injustice of China’s One-Child Policy


In September 2012, trash collectors found an infant girl dumped in a garbage bin in China. Her throat was slit, but miraculously, she was breathing.


Why was this daughter discarded? In China, the three words “It’s a girl!” are often received with sadness and disappointment because parents have a strong cultural preference for boys. Joined with the strict One-Child Policy, this preference has fatal implications for China’s girls. Currently, one out of every six girls is eliminated through sex-selective abortion, abandonment, or infanticide. That means 1.1 million girls are lost every year. There are now 37 million more men than women in China.


All Girls Allowed seeks to expose the horror of gendercide and highlight the implications of this growing gender gap. 


The movement to end gendercide is growing as people volunteer, pray, and spread the word in hopes of restoring life and value to girls in China.


How to end gendercide:



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Restoring Life, Value, and Dignity to Girls and Mothers




The Baby Shower Gift Program was born out of a desire to empower mothers who keep their daughters despite heavy cultural pressure to have a son. The financial assistance helps a mother provide well for her baby girl, which strengthens the dignity of both mother and daughter in the eyes of their community.


Parents may only use the stipend to buy food, medication, and clothing. While $20 per month may not seem like much for us, it goes a long way in helping poor families in China, where many live on less than $2 per day. This model, which is called a “conditional cash transfer,” has been successful in promoting healthy behavior in other countries. We have seen the fruits of this program multiply as new workers line up to enroll pregnant mothers.


All of our field workers are committed to serving rural mothers and baby girls in the name of Jesus, sharing a message of hope that combats gendercide at the heart level as well as the symptom level. If hearts do not change, the same factors that foster gendercide today—a lower view of women and an lack of Jesus’ compassion for individual human lives—could continue to affect these girls well into adulthood. We pray that they will instead thrive, knowing that they are beloved daughters of God with a value beyond price.




Testimony: Li



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The women and girls whom we serve in China have urgent needs. A baby girl needs to be seen as valuable in order to be welcomed into the world; a pregnant woman needs quick intervention if family planning officials are threatening her with a forced abortion.


We realize, though, that deeper problems ultimately lead to these scenarios. Women in China are frequently seen as lacking in value—unworthy of dignity and even sometimes life itself.


Because of this, the solutions must run deeper than just giving immediate aid. Women who suffer traumatic events like forced abortion or domestic violence (which affects 1/3 of households in China) need healing that can be found only in the love of Jesus. To God, each of these women is a beloved daughter no matter how wounded she may be. We are training our workers to help counsel women and bring the love of Jesus to them. By the power of Jesus, they can overcome past trauma and find hope!


Healing Resources


Testimony: Mariah