Prayer Requests

Healing for Mentally Challenged Mother; Safe Delivery for Third Child; Comfort for Bereaved Parents


A few families in the Baby Shower Program need our prayers of healing:


1.    Mrs. Wang is a mentally challenged mother and a heavy smoker. She cannot communicate well with others and has trouble taking care of her newborn son. Her husband also suffers from a mild mental disorder. Please pray that our merciful God would free Mr. and Mrs. Yang from their plight and provide a healthy environment for their son’s growth.


2.    Mrs. Quan is now pregnant with her third child, but her previous C-sections have significantly increased the risks of this upcoming birth. As a result, all local hospitals have denied services to Mrs. Quan for fear of medical complications. With God’s guidance, our field workers have found a hospital in a nearby city that is willing to help Mrs. Quan give birth. Pray for safe delivery of Mrs. Quan’s child and God’s bountiful provision for this family.


3.    Mr. and Mrs. Yan’s daughter died of lung disease 21 days after she was born. Please pray that God would comfort Mr. and Mrs. Yan’s wounded heart and give their daughter eternal rest in His loving hands. 


Two Families Need Strength for Step of Faith


Please keep the following two families in your prayers:


1.    When our field workers visited Mrs. Feng this month, she told them that she was willing to read the Bible, but she also worried that such actions would infuriate her mother-in-law, who is a keen believer of the other gods. Please pray that Mrs. Feng can draw strength from the Lord and take a faithful step towards His welcoming embrace.


2.    Mrs. Zhong’s mother-in-law has opened up her heart and is willing to learn more about Christ. She often asks our field workers to tell her stories about Jesus and his miracles. We pray that God would draw Mrs. Zhong’s mother-in-law close to Him, so that she can build a personal relationship with Jesus and have a first-hand experience of Jesus’ miracles! 


Mother Chose Life Despite Pressure from Friends and Relatives


When 27-year-old mother Mrs. Jiang became pregnant with her second child, all her friends and relatives suggested that she seek an abortion because raising two children would bring her enormous financial burden. After hearing the Choose Life message from our field workers, however, Mrs. Jiang bravely went against the tide and gave birth to her child. Today, Mrs. Jiang sees the baby as her greatest gain in life. May God use this precious child to fill Mrs. Jiang with irreplaceable happiness and peace! 


Couple Desperate for Son Despite Having Two Daughters


Mr. and Mrs. Ou have two daughters, but like most Chinese parents, their desire is to have a son. Our workers have had difficulties changing Mr. and Mrs. Ou’s ingrained preference for males, mainly because of the couple’s reluctance to discuss this topic. With her first birthday approaching, Mr. and Mrs. Ou’s second daughter will be “graduating” from our Baby Shower Program next month. Please pray that God would create opportunities for our workers to bring life, value, and dignity to girls in this family before their service ends. 


God Meets Five Families at Difficult Times


Our God is a powerful God. He enters people’s lives when they need them the most, no matter how difficult their circumstances might be. The following are five families who have recently experienced God’s grace through our Baby Shower Program:


1.      Xiang


Xiang became pregnant with a pair of twins, but since she could only afford to raise one child, she considered having an abortion. However, when our workers shared the Choose Life message with her, her heart was moved, and she subsequently decided to give birth to her children. Although Xiang said that she might put one of the twins up for adoption, it was nevertheless a courageous move for her to abandon the thought of abortion. Please pray that Xiang can successfully deliver her babies, and that both of the twins would be nurtured and protected in the loving hands of God.


2.      Hu


Hu, mother of an 11-year-old daughter, wanted to abort her second child. When Hu’s cousin learned about this, she immediately sought help from the Baby Shower Program. As soon as our workers shared the Gospel with her, she told them that she was a believer in Christ when she was young, but she has not attended church services for more than ten years. The Words of God reminded her of the value and preciousness of life, so she, too, decided to keep her child. We give thanks to the Lord for igniting Hu’s love for Him, and we pray that Hu would be able to rebuild her relationship with Christ.


3.      Sun


Sun’s mother-in-law became a Christian after Jesus once healed her from a disease, but Sun’s parents vehemently opposed her conversion and forbade her from going to church. With the help of our Baby Shower Program, Sun’s parents had the opportunity to learn about Jesus like never before, and in the end, although they did not fully accept the Gospel, they were willing to let go of their disbelief. A few days ago, when Sun felt sick, they even called our workers to ask for prayers. Therefore, please do pray for Sun’s sickness, so that her recovery can become another testimony of God’s mighty power and unfailing love.


4.     Ding


Ding grew up in a Christian home, but she married a man who did not know Christ. Since then, she distanced herself from God, and never went back to church again. After enrolling in our Baby Shower Program, however, Ding became a  passionate believer and an active member of her church. Furthermore, Ding was able to influence her husband and mother-in-law to begin a relationship with Christ. Praise the Lord!


5.     Fang


Fang’s encounter with God was similar to Ding’s. Her husband had been a follower of Christ since he was a child, but she herself was not. Once again, the Lord spoke through our workers in the Baby Shower Program, and the couple are now serving in their church regularly. All Girls Allowed is thrilled to learn of God’s life-changing works on the grounds of China. May the above testimonies of salvation and transformation be just the beginning of many to come! 


Young Mother Separated from Husband and Family, but Found Christ


Ning, 22, is a mother whose husband was recently convicted of crime and will remain in prison for the next 3 years. Ning became pregnant last April, and although her parents demanded an abortion, she refused to do so. Jobless, impoverished, and deserted by family, Ning now lives in a rented apartment with her newborn son. In the midst of such unbearable hardship, however, Ning was able to demonstrate remarkable faith: she became a follower of Christ immediately after joining our Baby Shower Program! Now, apart from offering financial assistance to Ning, our field workers are also planning to form a support network within their church to help take care of her son. Pray that our Almighty God would become the light, shield, and strength of this young mother, and that her decision to follow Christ would be rewarded with His abundant love and mercy.