Forced Abortion Victims Testify


Single women in China are not allowed to give birth, reports humanitarian organization All Girls Allowed at a Congressional hearing Thursday, Sept. 22.

The One-Child Policy has “prevented” more than 400 million lives since its start in 1980, and was supposed to end last September.  This anniversary is a surprise for some.

“We must remember that the policy is One-Child-Per-Couple,” says Chai Ling, founder of All Girls Allowed. “No marriage certificate, no birth permit. No birth permit, no baby.”

Ling will also share a very personal testimony about her own abortion experience.

“Not every unmarried pregnant woman in China is dragged to a clinic for a forced abortion,” says.  “But walking in yourself because you have no choice can be equally as painful.”

Ling also points out that rampant abortion (with the majority of China’s women having more than one abortion) is not a cultural practice.  Before the policy began, there were fewer than 5 million abortions a year in China.  Today, there are up to 23 million annually.  Many of these are coerced or forced: research shows that over 70 percent of women want two or more children.

Two victims will testify:  Ping Liu, a victim of 5 forced abortions, and Yeqing Ji: a victim of one recent forced abortion.

The hearing, sponsored by the Africa, Global Health and Human Rights Subcommittee, will be held Thursday, Sept. 22, at 11:30a.m. in the Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2200.


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谢谢您花时间看我给您的信, 也谢谢您会把信转交给其她的天安门母亲。我在美国之音的访问中听到了您的回应。我也做了简单的回答。我很能理解您的悲痛。我不怪您。这里是这个节目:

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DONGXING, Guangxi, China—Two Family Planning Officials were killed and four suffered injuries Tuesday after a man attacked their office, reported state-run Chinese media. Reports said the man, a father of four, carried knives into the Dongxing City Family Planning Bureau after officials refused to register his over-quota child.


On July 22, the man went to the Dongxing bureau to register his fourth child for a hukou...

Today, Wikileaks released a report from China with alarming statistics, calling for immediate action to end the prenatal sex-selection and postnatal killing of girls.  In a section of the report entitled, “China’s Sex Ratio Imbalance Abnormally High and Still Growing,” the organization reported:


“From a near normal sex-ration at birth (SRB) of 107.6 in 1982, China's national average SRB rose to 116.9 in the 2000 population census, triggering the country's first public acknowledgement of the sex...