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All Girls Allowed seeks to restore the God-given life, value and dignity to women by seeking transformation both of hearts and of societies. We seek to emulate God’s command in Micah 6:8 (act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God) by:


1)    Exposing the injustice of China’s One-Child Policy;

2)    Rescuing girls and mothers from gendercide in society; and

3)    Celebrating women by embracing them as equal image-bearers of God through our pledge:


In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her


In so doing, we pray that God would end the One-Child Policy, uproot gendercide in hearts and in societies, and bring complete restoration to his people.


China Field Director PURPOSE AND SCOPE

All Girls Allowed is seeking a full-time China Field Director to be based in China, reporting directly to the AGA Director of Operations in Boston.  The China Field Director’s role is to raise up more workers for the harvest by helping facilitate transformation within the Chinese Church and equipping believers for the task of ending gendercide.  The Director must have training and experience working in ministry (particularly with the Chinese church) and must have a mature and active relationship with Jesus Christ. 


The China Field Director at All Girls Allowed will primarily be responsible for the following responsibilities of equal importance:


1.)   Developing Partnerships with Chinese Churches

2.)   Training Chinese Churches to Disciple with the Gospel DNA

3.)   Recruiting New Field Workers (Missionaries)

4.)   Setting Up Infrastructure for New AGA Projects



·       Developing Partnerships with Chinese Churches

o   Build trusting relationships with pastors and elders of Chinese churches across the country

o   Research church networks across China and engage leaders across a broad spectrum of denominations

o   Raise up financial and prayer support from among Chinese churches for AGA’s mission


·       Training Chinese Churches to Disciple with the Gospel DNA

o   Learn from Chinese churches what their greatest needs are for training/teaching in the area of marriage and cross-gender relationships

o   Secure preaching opportunities to teach about the Gospel DNA message: In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her

o   Host workshops for Chinese church members to be disciple in the Gospel DNA to be transformed and sent out to proclaim the Gospel and end gendercide

o   Obtain feedback to improve Gospel DNA curriculum for maximum effectiveness


·       Recruiting New Field Workers (Missionaries)

o   Raise up workers who are equipped, trained, healed and transformed

o   Train workers (AGA missionaries) to carry out Gospel DNA workshops and trainings to other churches

o   Provide supervision and spiritual leadership for AGA missionaries

o   Manage payroll and other logistics for AGA missionaries

o   For security purposes, some AGA missionaries may be managed directly by the Director of Operations in Boston, rather than by the China Field Director


·       Setting Up Infrastructure for New AGA Projects

o   When churches finish the Gospel DNA curriculum, invite them to launch an AGA project

o   Assist in setting up all necessary infrastructure (developing a plan; assisting with initial needs in finance, communications, volunteer recruitment, etc.) to launch new AGA projects

o   Coordinate with Director of Operations to hand off supervision and oversight to Boston



·       Foreign missionary to China for over 5 years

·       Fluency in English in reading/writing as well as speaking/listening

·       Fluency Mandarin Chinese in reading/writing as well as speaking/listening

·       Persuasive and confident oral communication

·       Experience with public speaking, particularly in a preaching capacity

·       Ministry experience in a church setting

·       Committed prayer warrior with record of consistent steady faith in times of pressure or crisis

·       Flexible hours to accommodate the demands and needs of Chinese churches

·       Flexibility to travel to Chinese churches as needed, as well as flexibility to return to Boston for training from time to time

·       Familiar with basic computer operations (e-mail, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

·       Already established network of existing contacts in the Chinese church a plus

·       Seminary training a plus



·       Mature Christian faith as defined by the Apostle’s Creed

·       Active involvement in a local church and experience in Christian ministry

·       Consistent and regular support from a spiritual community

·       Understanding of China’s One-Child Policy and its effects

·       Complete adherence to All Girls Allowed’s mission, programs and strategies

·       Ability to self-manage and generate concrete plan based on broad vision

·       Disciplined with priorities and ability to multi-task

·       Commitment to building a team environment with strong reliance on prayer, spiritual discernment and entrepreneurship



·       Full-time position in China (location flexible)

·       Position is exempt from All Girls Allowed staff fundraising requirement

·       Position reports directly to Director of Operations in Boston


Please submit complete job application, cover letter, resume, and spiritual testimony to


Instructions and job application can be found at