Gendercide and the One-Child Policy in the News

Over the years, there have been many rumblings from both outside and within China about gendercide and the One-Child Policy.  See below for some prominent news outlets that have covered these issues:





Abortions Under China's One Child Policy total Entire US Population

March 19, 2012



Reforming the One-Child Policy

March 16, 2013



Will China Change Its One-Child Policy? 

March 13, 2013




Pressure Rises on China to Scrap One-Child Policy

January 18, 2013




China's One-Child Policy Impact Analysed 

January 10, 2013 




China Considers Easing One-Child Family Planning Rules

November 28, 2012 



Not Enough Suffering

October 8, 2012 


Ageing China: Changes and challenges 

September 19, 2012


Apple Urged by China Dissident to Act Against One-Child Rule

September 16, 2012 



Chinese Leaders Call for Revision of One Child Policy 

July 26, 2012



Pressure Mounts to stop China's Forced Abortions

July 24, 2012



Forced Abortion Spurs Settlement

July 11, 2012



New 'Late-term aboriton' row in China's Fujan Province

July 10, 2012 


Chinese Scholars Call for Revision of One-Child Policy

July 6, 2012


The One Child Policy: The Brutal Truth

June 23, 2012



Chen Reports 'first concrete step' toward leaving China

May 16, 2012



Chinese activist Chen Guancheng, confined to hospital, awaits word on his fate

May 9, 2012



All This Talk of Gendercide

March 26, 2012






In China, a daring few challenge one-child limit

December 24, 2011


Chinese Officials Seized and Sold Babies, Parents Say

August 4, 2011



China's One Child Plan Faces New Fire

April 29, 2011



Men Without Women

March 6, 2011



China's Abortion Number Grows

January 13, 2011





Abuses Cited in Enforcing China Policy of One Child

December 21, 2010 


How has China's One-Child Policy Changed?

November 5, 2010 



One Child policy 'should be relaxed'

November 4, 2010




The Child in Time 

August 19, 2010 


China's One Child policy: As brutal and hypocritical as ever

May 31, 2010



The Worldwide War on Baby Girls: Gendercide

March 6, 2010





Today's Face of Abortion in China is a Young, Unmarried Woman

March 13, 2007



China: Bachelor Bomb

September 14, 2005


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