Event Materials

Want to host an event to help us build the movement? Here are some materials that might be useful to you!



Event Kit


A printable guide to hosting an event for All Girls Allowed.



Print-Quality Brochure


Here's a print-quality PDF of our standard trifold brochure. You can send it to a printer in your area and have them make trifold brochures for your event. We have printed brochures available in our office, too, so you can request a number of them if you're willing to cover printing and shipping costs. 



Newsletter Sign Up Sheet


This is key! Encourage event participants to sign up for our monthly newsletter so they can become a part of the movement. Once your event is over, you can either mail the sheets to us at our address below, or enter them into a spreadsheet and email that to us.


All Girls Allowed

101 Huntington Avenue

Suite 2205

Boston, MA 02199