The Celebration Has Begun!
Christmas is just around the corner! Although Christmas is not a traditional holiday in China, some of the families we serve have recently found reasons to celebrate. The following three testimonies will tell you just what these reasons are. If you would like to support our work in China, please give to our Baby Shower Gift Program, so that more mothers and daughters can join in the celebration as we approach this joyous time of the year! 

The Greatest Gift of All
For Yao (above), a 26-year-old mother of two, this year's Christmas will be unlike any other. She is one of the first mothers who came under the assistance of our Baby Shower Gift Program. When Yao first discovered that she was pregnant with a girl, she considered having an abortion. Yet today, she describes her three-month-old daughter as "the greatest gift of all." Why such a dramatic change? Sister Xuan, one of our field workers, was there when Yao recounted the moving story of her transformation: 
Testimony from Yao, Baby Shower Program Mother
"When I got unexpectedly pregnant after marriage, I struggled to decide whether I should keep the child. Abortion became an option, but its surgical complications could prevent me from ever having a child again---an outcome that would make me regret forever. So I gave birth to my baby, who, luckily, was a boy.


"My second unplanned pregnancy took place when my son was two years old. This time, however, it was even harder for me to accept the reality and to know what to do. On the one hand, my grandmother, who is a doctor, constantly reminded me of the dangers of an abortion. Yet, on the other hand, I simply could not afford to raise a second child. I was torn apart by this dilemma. After ruminating for more than ten days, I finally resorted to abort the child.


"And that was when Sister Xuan stepped in. She showed me a video clip of how a human fetus develops in a mother's womb. As I was watching, I suddenly realized that even an unborn baby has real flesh and blood. Later, Sister Xuan showed me another video clip of what an abortionprocedure looks like. It was so disturbing that I had to call for a stop halfway through. Tears trickled down my cheeks. How could I possibly kill my own daughter? I asked myself. I gave up the thought of having an abortion. Although there were times when I became less determined, Sister Xuan was always the one from whom I could draw strength. She not only gave me monthly stipends to support my baby, but also explained how dearly God loves me and how he cherishes the preciousness of life.


"My adorable daughter is now three months old. I have to thank the Baby Shower Program for all the assistance and care it has provided, and for guiding me to make the right decision: choosing life over death."


Praise the Lord! Choosing life over death is precisely the motive behind all our work in China. May the Lord continue to watch over Yao as she comes to understand the value of human life. Above all, we pray that God would eradicate China's longstanding cultural preference for males, so that every girl that is born or unborn can be welcomed and loved in Jesus' name.



Families Saved by Grace



Yao is not the only one who has recently experienced God's love. Last month, several mothers who heard the Gospel through our Baby Shower Program accepted Jesus as their Savior. Some of these mothers, such as Zhu (above), also gave birth to baby girls last month. Zhu says that she plans to attend church gatherings once her daughter is one month old. She is looking forward to worshiping Jesus with other brothers and sisters in Christ.


Every now and then, God transforms people's lives two at a time. Brother Hu, one of our field workers, shared the following testimony about two sisters who have found a common identity in Christ: 


Testimony from Brother Hu, All Girls Allowed Field Worker


"Tian's daughter was born in January, 2013. Sister Wu, an administrator at our church, introduced the Baby Shower Gift Program to the family. As we visited Tian month after month, we began to build a trusting relationship with her. Half a year ago, we started sharing the Gospel with Tian and invited her to join our church services. In August, she finally decided to come to our church. Feeling welcomed and accepted by the church community, she believed in Jesus.


"Following her conversion, Tian shared her testimony with her younger sister, who at the time had just given birth to a baby girl. Tian's sister not only enrolled her daughter in the Baby Shower Program, but also made the decision to follow Jesus herself. Now, both sisters are fervently attending our church services and fellowship meetings. Praise the Lord!"


What an inspiring testimony! Every day, God is opening the doors of salvation to those who choose to believe in him. Please pray that God would strengthen these mothers' faith and use them---and their beautiful daughters---to share with their communities that God loves his children.



A Light to the World


While some families have just started to follow Jesus, others have clung to their faith even in the face of adversity. Liang and her husband, who "graduated" from the Baby Shower Program last month, live in a village where there are no other believers. Although each month our workers had to travel more than 400 miles to reach the village, they all agreed that it was well worth it. Here is a snippet of their most recent visit: 


Testimony from Brother Qi, All Girls Allowed Field Worker


"We drove for seven hours straight before we finally arrived at the village where Liang lived. Liang and her husband welcomed us into their house and prepared some dishes for us. Before we said our prayers, the couple wanted to close the front door so that nobody could hear us, but we assured them that there was nothing to worry about.


"Most of the people in Liang's village were very superstitious. Whenever Liang's daughter fell sick, they would ask her to seek healing from the 'spirits'. Since Liang and her husband were the only Christians in the entire village, they were often rejected by others. We told the couple to remain faithful, because God will always provide for them and use them to spread his kingdom on Earth. We also encouraged them to worship and pray to God passionately and regularly. Prior to our departure, we gave the 'graduating' couple a Bible, a digital Bible player, two hymn books, ten Gospel DVDs, and their last monthly stipend. Liang and her husband were sad to see us leave, so they walked with us for more than half a mile just to send us off.


"God is powerful. His love penetrates every corner of the Earth, from the highest mountain to the deepest ocean. If God wants to save someone, he does it no matter how out-of-reach that person seems to be. What an amazing Savior!"


Jesus once told his followers, "Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16) May God help Liang and her husband become a light to all their family members, friends, and neighbors. Please pray that the people in Liang's village would turn away from the "spirits" they believe in and come to worship the one and only Almighty God. 


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