37 Seconds

Join us for 37 Seconds to remember 37 MILLION missing girls


China's One-Child Policy is leading to the gendercide of girls. 37 million girls have been lost, but the policy continues...


Lead your school, church or other group in 37 Seconds of Silence to remember the girls who will never have a voice. Your silence promotes awareness and increases support for All Girls Allowed.


Watch our 2-minute 37 Seconds video now and join us in 37 Seconds of Silence.




Why 37 Seconds?


Launched on September 25th, 1980, China’s One-Child Policy was originally slated to last 30 years. Yet it is still in force today. Since its 30 year anniversary in 2011, high-level government officials in China have indicated that the policy is set to continue indefinitely.


The One-Child Policy has exacerbated the preference for male children in China, and, as a result, there are over 37 million missing girls in China today. This tragedy occurs through pre-natal sex selection, infanticide and infant abandonment.


It also means that there are 37 million men who will have no chance of a wife or a family without the illegal trafficking of women that is already taking place. It means there will be a growing elderly population in China with no-one to care for them. And it will affect China’s economy and trade as its labor force dwindles.


Enough is enough. It’s time to take a stand against the loss of so many innocent lives, and the oppression of women and girls that amounts to one of the worst human rights violations in history.


And you can make a difference in 37 seconds.


What does 37 Seconds involve?


37 Seconds is a simple campaign aimed at raising awareness about the correlation between the OCP and gendercide in China by taking a brief moment to remember those girls who will never have the life they deserve.


On your college campus, high school or at your church, arrange a time and location for people to gather and invite everyone you know (and even those you don't!) to participate. Your 37 Seconds could be part of a club meeting, a church service, a youth group, a small group or a completely separate event.


On the day you will speak briefly about the problem in China (don’t worry, we’ve provided a script in your campaign kit!), and have the option to show our 2-minute video to explain how gendercide has led to the largest gender gap in the world. The video provides a guided 37 seconds silence to remember the 37 million missing girls in China or you can lead it yourself.


Afterwards you will invite people to take a further step to join the All Girls Allowed movement by signing up to our newsletter, giving to our programs on the ground in China, or committing to pray with us. After that, you just need to return the emails and any donations received to us. It really is that simple! What could be an easier way to bring hope to girls and mothers in China?


Why is this important?


Here are just a few reasons why 37 Seconds is so important...


  • 1 in every 5 people lives in China. We shouldn't neglect them in our prayers!
  • Since the policy began, the suicide rate for women in China has skyrocketed. It's now the #1 cause of death for women in China ages 15-34 and is 56% of the world’s suicides.
  • 1.1 million babies are abandoned annually in China, and since abandonment is illegal, they're often left in out of the way places, like the woods, where no one can find them.
  • The number of young men in all of America (40 million) will be the same as the number of SURPLUS men in China by 2020. Numbers-wise, it's like every man in America not being able to find a girlfriend or wife. This situation contributes to the problem of sex slavery, the rise in HIV/AIDS, and security problems for neighboring countries.


Why should the church respond?


The Church has already ended infanticide once, in Rome in the 1st century. It was highly prevalent then and seemed hopeless, but God moved and it was banned. The Church had a huge role in ending slavery. The Church has been promised by Christ that the gates of Hell will not overcome and that whatever we ask in His Name, He will do!


How do I get started?


It's simple...download our STUDENT KIT or CHURCH KIT, print the materials that fit your event, and register below to tell us you're taking part.


Register HERE >


After you’ve registered, you can gather others to help you promote your event. Explain why you are passionate about the cause of gendercide in China and ask them if they would like to help you run the campaign. 


Where can I get a copy of the 37 Seconds video?


If you have an internet connection you can stream the video from this page. Otherwise you can download the 37 Seconds video by doing the following:

  1. Go to http://www.vimeo.com/28955802
  2. If you're not already a member, sign up for a free Vimeo account by clicking the green "Join Vimeo" button on the top of the page. If you are a member, log in.
  3. On the 37 Seconds video page, right-click the "Download this Video" link underneath the video description, and choose the "Save As" option.
  4. The download should begin! The file is over 200 MB, so it might take a few minutes to download. 


Are additional materials available?


Yes. We have brochures, sign-up sheets, 37 Seconds Next Steps cards, and All Girls Allowed stickers in our Boston office. Contact us with your specific event needs and we'll be in touch! If you want us to gather and ship materials to you prior to your event, we'll need you to help us cover the cost of materials and shipping.


You can download the electronic version of the 37 Seconds student kit or church kit. Please still let us know that you are planning to do 37 Seconds so that we can represent you on the list of participants below!


Participating Schools and Churches


5th Grade Girls in Action (Opelika, AL)

Abundant Grace (Boston, MA)

Amy Brady Ministries (Ocoee, FL)

Arcadia University (Glenside, RA)

Arzenville United Methodist Church (Concord, IL)

Ashley Ridge Church (Summerville, SC)

Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

Bedford High School (Bedford, NH)

Bethel AME Church (Boston, MA)

Boston University/ Engineers Without Borders (Boston, MA)

Calvary Temple of Christ (Yuma, AZ)

Christ Presbyterian Church (Edina, MN)

CityLife (Brookline, MA)

Cleveland School of the Arts (East Cleveland, OH)

Colts Neck High School, Colts Neck Reformed Church (Colts Neck, NJ)

Columbia Unversity (New York, NY)

Concerned Parents (Cambridge, MA)

Congregation Lion of Judah (Cambridge, MA)

Connecticut College (New London, CT)

Cross Lutheran Church (Yorkville, IL)

CSU Fresno (Fresno, CA)

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (South Euclid, OH)

Davidson College (Davidson, NC)

DePaul University (Chicago, IL)

Eagle Christian Church (Boise, ID)

Emerson College (Boston, MA)

Emmanuel College (Boston, MA)

Evergreen Community Charter School (Asheville, NC)

Fenway Church (Boston, MA)

First Baptist Church of Pocasset (Pocasset, MA)

First Baptist (Alvarado, TX)

Fredericussu School (The Netherlands)

George Washington University (Arlington, VA)

Gerehu Community School (NCD, Papua New Guinea)

Gordon College (Wenham, MA)

Grace Chapel (Lexington, MA)

Harbor Church (Portsmouth, NH)

Harmony Bible Church (West Burlington, IA)

Harvard Family Medicine (Brighton, MA)

Highland Park UMC (Florence, SC)

Hobart and William Smith Colleges (Geneva, NY)

Home Church (Carver, MA)

Hope Fellowship (Cambridge, MA)

Houses of Light (Simi Valley, CA)

Iona College (New Rochelle, NY)

IV Christian Fellowship- University of Massachusetts (Boston, MA)

Jesus Celebration Centre, Sunday School (Mombasa, Kenya)

Kankakee Valley Family Church (Kankakee, IL)

Kenosha First Assembly of God (Kenosha, WI)

Korean Church of Jackson (Utica, MS)

Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)

Life Preservers (Monticello, MN)

Living Faith Community Church (Philomath, OR)

Loyola University (Chicago, IL)

Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)

Montana State University (Bozeman, MT)

Moody Middle School (Vancouver, B.C.)

Mothers & Daughters (Spokane, WA)

Mt View Church of God (Dallas, TX)

Nazarene Church (Nairobi)

New Castle Bible Church (Mackinaw, IL)

NUI Galway Life Society (Galway, Ireland)

Open Door Baptist Church (Churchville, NY)

Orwell Street Church (Oamuru, North Otago)

Our Father's House (Leonardtown, MD)

Park Street Church (Boston, MA)

Parkside Church (South Euclid, OH)

Patrick Henry College (Purcellville, VA)

Peace Church (Middleville, MA)

PRAISE Class, Faith Evangelical Free Church (Emmaus, PA)

Restore CRC (Wyckoff, NJ)

Rochester Institute of Technology IV Christian Fellowship (Rochester, NY)

Rutgers University (Princeton, NJ)

Saint Anselm College (Manchester, NH)

Saint Mark's Lutheran Church (Fairfield, CA)

Shrine of St Joseph's (Bourbonnais, IL)

South End Neighborhood Church of Emmanuel, Emmanuel Gospel Centre (Boston, MA)

Spring Hill College (Mobile, AL)

St Benedict's Respect for Life Committee (Bronx, NY)

St Francis Star of the Sea (Tasmania, Australia)

St John the Baptist (Linden, VA)

St Joseph's (Bourbonnais, IL)

Stonehill College (Easton, MA)

Students for Life at Truman State University (Kirksville, MO)

SWEAT Development Program (Kibya, Manyara)

Tacoma Central Presbyterian Church (Tacoma, WA)

Texas A&M (College Station, TX)

TFHNY Youth (Rochester, NY)

The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)

The Father's House (Rochester, NY)

Torch Student Ministries (Decatur, TX)

Trinity Church/ Virginia Coalition for Life (Virginia Beach, VA)

True Love Leads to Life (Rochester Hills, MI)

UGA Students for Life (Athens, GA)

United Methodist Church of Arzenville (Arzenville, IL)

University of Alabama/ Bama Students for Life (Tuscaloosa, AL)

University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR)

University of Florida (Crystal River, FL)

University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)

University of Montana School of Law (Missoula, MT)

University of the Nations (Pismo Beach, CA)

Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)

Wagner College (Staten Island, NY)