The Team


Director of Operations

Julia joined the team at All Girls Allowed in February, 2014. She moved to the U.S in 1995 with a desire to serve God, and after working in science and medicine for nearly two decades, she heard God calling her to come to All Girls Allowed. Julia is passionate about families in China and is committed to leading and developing our programs in China and Boston.



Deputy Director of Operations

Tara became a follower of Jesus when she was in college. She joined the All Girls Allowed team in 2012 because she cares about people who are suffering, especially those at the bottom of society in China. As a mother, Tara's heart is broken when she thinks about the innocent babies that have been killed, and she mourns with their mothers. She is committed to serving mothers and babies through the Baby Shower Program.



Chinese Media Coordinator

Ashley came to All Girls Allowed in February 2014 to manage the Chinese website, blog, and social media. Her heart was broken for the issue of gendercide when she saw first hand how the One-Child Policy negatively affects girls and entire families. Ashley is saddened at how Chinese families often ignore their daughters, and she is faithfully doing her part to change this through her work with Chinese media. 




Communications Associate

Stacey was born into a Christian family, but truly found her life with God when she was in college. She has always had a burden for children, and in July, 2014, she joined the All Girls Allowed Team. She heard God's call for her to do His will and she is now living out this calling through her work at All Girls Allowed.