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Chai Ling is the Founder of All Girls Allowed ("In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her") and the author of A Heart for Freedom. She is a two-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for her role in leading the 1989 Tiananmen Square student movement, where she was elected “commander-in-chief” by fellow students. She is a founder, entrepreneur and an Ivy League graduate in America and in China.  Chai Ling’s proudest accomplishment is becoming a Jesus-follower on December 4th, 2009.


When the military brutally crushed the protests on June 4th 1989, Chai Ling was named on the government’s list of the 21 most wanted students. However, she escaped from Beijing, and ten months later she secretly hid in a cargo box for 105 hours to escape from China to Hong Kong.


Chai Ling graduated with a BA in Psychology from Beijing University. Continuing her studies in America, she obtained a graduate MPA from Princeton and a MBA from Harvard before founding Jenzabar, a software company that provides higher education software management solutions. She also co-founded The Jenzabar Foundation with the purpose of supporting student leaders' humanitarian efforts.


In 2009, she attended a U.S. Congressional hearing about forced abortion in China and was amazed to hear the testimony of one woman who had found freedom and restoration in Jesus. Weeks later, she prayed in her office, committed her life to Jesus and felt a profound peace in knowing that God is bringing freedom to China through Jesus, just as he set her free.


Chai Ling answered the call to found All Girls Allowed in June 2010 with the goal of lifting up Jesus’ name by exposing the human rights violations caused by China's One-Child Policy. Ling is continuing this work in the spirit of “In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her” to partner with all to be a light—in word and deed—to restore life value and dignity to girls and mothers and to end gendercide.


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A Heart for Freedom



In October 2011, Chai Ling published A Heart For Freedom. The memoir details her remarkable journey from a fishing village in Shandong to Tiananmen Square, then to America. Ling wrote most of the narrative many years ago, but she did not feel ready to publish it until after she came to know Jesus. Ling’s faith is now woven throughout her story—she can now see how God has used every twist and turn to reveal His love to her.


 “Though no one could forget the Tiananmen movement, even more than twenty years later, few people seem to realize that three little words—one-child policy—have resulted in what amounts to a Tiananmen massacre, for the past thirty years, in broad daylight, right under the world’s nose.”

—Chai Ling


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The Chinese version of Chai Ling's memoir, A Heart for Freedom, is now available for free online in PDF, Kindle and eBook formats!  Click here to download the book in traditional and simplified Chinese script, and share it with your Chinese friends!

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